How it works

Our Deep Roots method takes three pieces of information and synthesizes them into a cohesive whole:

Your basic genetic information –your Y-DNA or mtDNA haplogroup and subbranch, if known.

Information about your family heritage — your ethnicity and your basic family history.

Current knowledge about population genetics, anthro-pology, and history — locations, migrations, and events.

Your Deep Roots... the story of how your distant ancestors led to you today.

And so, the synthesis of these three pieces of information is used to write the story of your Deep Roots. This is the complete story of your direct line ancestors from the Dawn of Humankind to you today. It is the details you wish you have, and presented in a clear, interesting, easy-to-read manner. We are lucky to live in an age where we as humans have a more unified picture of how all of humankind is related, and how human migrations took place. How do your lineages fit into this unified picture? That is where we provide the clear answers. We are not merely 'story telling.' Our Deep Roots method uses more research than speculation, and is not fanciful in its scope or narrative. Instead it is matching a person’s or family's genetic information and family information with the composite set of research about humankind. We know the data and can search the data sources so you do not have to.

As well as your Deep Roots, we can also assist you in finding family — sorting through the matches and other databases to truly find the most relevant connections. We go through other databases, not just the one directly associated with the testing site you use(d). We sort through all of the materials and rank them by relevance for you. This is a considerable amount of work and many people do not have the time or experience to navigate 'computer genealogy' well. We do this work so you don’t have to. This is our Family Finding product.

Footsteps of Ancestors can also give you the complete story of your surname and any other surnames in your family. We do not just give you the translation or meaning of your surname in its respective language. Instead, we find and present the whole story of the etymology, from ancient times and roots to today, and how that story was significant through history. This is our Surname Etymology product.