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Lynnette C.

I had a deep curiosity before our family was genetically tested. I could not wait for the results! I figured that the results would tell us some about our family history, and confirm that our family was originally from some parts of Europe. However, the customized document explained how we likely arrived in Europe! We all have even older ancestors than the ones we think about. The write-ups offer explanations that are down to earth and easy to understand for those of us not versed well in genetics or history. To me, the information from Footsteps of Ancestors is a bargain and made the cost of the testing worth it. I have to say, my favorite part of the packages were the colored maps.


When recommending genetic genealogy to people I know, I try to tantalize their curiosity. Genealogy is interesting but genetic testing can trace your ancestry all the way back to Africa! To me the deep roots are even more interesting. Footsteps of Ancestors definitely helps explain the whole picture.

Andreas G.

I am very impressed with their overall analysis.   A website like Footsteps of Ancestors… is much needed because folks don’t understand the gibberish (sorry!) of the geneticists, but want plain explanations and complete explanations (how does it all connect?) like Footsteps of Ancestors provides. On my part I will talk about it to all the people I know!  When I was in Europe last summer and I mentioned to family there that I had done a DNA test. Many wanted to know what I thought of it and expressed great interest.

Eleanor S.

This was a job well-done! So much work and thought and detail, but easy and to read and understand! So interesting! When I got the results back from the genetic testing company it felt like a small morsel thrown at me. The Footsteps of Ancestors Deep Roots write-up is a full meal instead of just a taste. People do amateur genealogy all the time, and are not bad at it. However, my education was not in history or prehistory. I did not understand how it all connected until Footsteps of Ancestors helped.

Robert E.D.

I was intrigued to learn that my direct male (Y-DNA) line split near the Caucasus Mountains or Near East around several thousand years ago. I am descended from those men who went westward into Europe (where there were already people living), but after the split some of those men and their people made a back-to-Africa migration! And so, I have paternal line cousins in Cameroon. I also learned that my mother’s foremothers likely brought agriculture from the Near East to Europe. She would have been pleased!


I completely trust Footsteps of Ancestors to accurately research one’s family history and to take the time to narrate your story thoroughly and understandably. With no hesitation, I predict that you will be happy with the results and that you and your family will confidently share the final report for many years to come.

Deb K.

I only wish Dad were still with us because he would have found these discoveries fascinating, especially the history. He would have been amazed and pleased that one of the most common male lines in Europe is a ‘brother’ to the most common Native American line. Not only is the genealogy information very helpful (much more help than the testing companies offer!), but the Deep Roots is extremely interesting.

Matt S.

I think this service is certainly worth it. The genetic results were interesting but meaningless without context and Footsteps of Ancestors provides that context.  And so, the money spent on the explaining makes the money spent on the testing actually worth it.  I have to say my favorite part of it all was the origin of our family name. To me that was the most interesting out of many interesting things. I’d definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues!  I’d say to them that if they want to know more about their family lineage, “you are definitely about to find out!”

Kevin W.-B.

Absolutely amazing! When I had our family’s Y-DNA tested, the results came back and I was left with more questions than answers. Where to begin researching all of the background and history to understand?? When is there time to dig through the databases to find other family?? Some help was needed and Footsteps of Ancestors definitely delivered!